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Quotations and Thoughts

"Talent is the desire to practice." Malcolm Gladwell

"A painting should resonate and be imbued with an inner glow." Vasily Kandinsky

Age is a matter of attitude.

What is below the surface should be as good as what is above the surface.

I am amazed that in my work I have come so close to giving a visual example of this.
I wanted to get there in my work but was not sure that I could and one day
{having worked unconsciously with this idea} I realized that I have shown how the
inner creates the surface.

My painting represents the spiritual, the inner person.

People can be judged by how well they know themselves.

The reason abstract painting is so difficult for me is because every minute of the
journey is unknown until it is taken.

I do not plan my work. I allow the paint to take me to unknown places.
This is the joy of painting.

Let me walk out of the shadows and into the light.

I believe that intelligence is necessary to be a better than average artist.

A life without love is not life.