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Question   Artist Statement
June, It was lovely to see you yesterday at Open Studios...still going strong and as creative and inspirational as ever. Your work is beautiful and sets the mind adrift. I read your artist statement and it really struck me - you have captured in words what we see in your paintings, in you. You have framed the essence of what it means to live life - even if you have a late start. Shame on me for thinking at the ripe old age of 49 that it may be too late to start...anything. You have inspired me to rethink my trajectory. I will enjoy continuing to watch you grow. Karen

- Karen Bravman September 17, 2012

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Question   Love the use of texture!
We at 251 A Street frame love your work! Hope to see it in person!

- Sasha Konitzky August 29, 2012

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Question   paintings

I really like your work. I find it very inspiring. I'm particulary taken with the landscapes,which I'd have to say are my favorites, but The Cosmos series is very moving as well. Now I understand you -"color is my specialty", or maybe it was,"" mixing color to create a certain effect..." I love the inner light of your work.

- Dale Henry July 24, 2011

  Answer I'm impressed! You've managed the almsot impossible.

- Johnette Johnette  December 17, 2011

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Question   Paintings
I very much enjoyed walking through the history of your paintings and drawings. You go, girl!

- Susan Patrick December 07, 2009

  Answer Thanks for starting the ball rloilng with this insight.

- Eliza Eliza  December 17, 2011

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